Why shop with us?

At Seyra Styles, we curate a distinctive narrative in afrochique fashion, weaving the rich heritage of African textiles into garments that transcend the runway and grace elegant occasions.
Not just about clothing; it's about cultivating a presence that commands attention. We present a collection where exquisite craftsmanship meets audacious design, ensuring you leave a lasting impression at any noteworthy event.
Seyra Styles transcends the boundaries of a mere boutique; it fosters creativity and individuality. We cultivate the art of fashion and the power of self-expression. Explore our collection, and discover the garment destined to become a signature statement of your exquisite taste and embrace the essence of true elegance.
  • Fashion show '17, College at Brockport

    Our very first fashion show ever.

    Model: Claudia

  • 2020 Fall Collection

    Models: Sidney and Mawena (left to right)

  • Valentine's photoshoot

    Winter 2020

  • Pre-wedding photoshoot

    Couple: Rex & Penny